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Kapil Sharma Films - A movie marketing company.

Internet has become such a strong medium for over a decade now that it is an assumed fact that for any movie to succeed & recover its invested amounts marketing of movies on the internet is an indispensable component.

Be it marketing a movie with a mammoth budget or marketing inde films the time & energy that we invest to ensure that your product gets maximum branding is 100 % absolute.

Our Concept of film marketing.

Based on your screenplay, story line & film genre we first determine your target audience. We start with designing the layout of the official website of your movie. We use pure open source programming techniques & clean codes to ensure that the website is friendly with all the major search engines that currently rule the roost. While you are busy in the principal photography of your production we are working our hearts out to create a user friendly & an interactive website which portays your brand in a way like never before. Once the website is completed to your satisfaction, we then plan a whole range of promotional & activities that are required for marketing a movie.

By now a buzz has been generated amongst your audience & they anxiously look forward to catching a glimpse of your movie. But as movie making is a process which consumes months & sometimes years before it can be released to the audience, in the meanwhile we engage the users in an interactive online quiz & or a game. Each winner is assured of a prize which is sent to them by the production company. The prizes can range from a t shirt displaying your upcoming movie, a coffee mug signed by the star cast of your production or for that matter even an assured visit to the film sets - All innovative & cost effective ways of marketing a movie.

Movie marketing firms depend a lot on the concept of word of mouth to reach out to as many people as possible. For any product it is imperative that your product reviews amongst the consumers are good. After seeing your movie, a viewer will talk to at least 2 friends about your movie. What the viewer says to these friends will eventually lead them to either catch the movie on release or give it a miss. This form of film marketing & public endorsement is more important than a well known celebrity or star endorsing your product. It's simple - I will listen to & believe what my friend feels about a particular movie as compared to seeing a well known film star endorsing the upcoming movie's release.

But how will an average user get to know that movie marketing firms like us are promoting your product? We send out weekly newsletters to all users & keep them posted on the various on going activities of your production.

Revenue Generation

When marketing a movie especially marketing inde films we always keep in mind that recovery of the invested amount of money is paramount for all productions. Hence we work towards acquiring mutually benefitial assistance from corporates looking to take their products to the same target audience as yours. We provide all the on board sponsors with immense branding on all major online properties so that maximum people get to know about your upcoming production & the sponsors acquire members of your target audience as customers & VOILA! The chain of marketing by word of mouth begins in the case of each sponsor.

By the time you have completed the film, marketing is already in top gear. You have a pool of fans looking forward to the arrival of your movie in the theatres, your movie merchandise is selling like hot cakes & you have a set of dedicated corporates & sponsors who are vociferously marketing their association with your movie. This is when we help you reach out to the audience which is not internet proficient. We organise promotional trade shows wherever your target audience resides, invite the media (television, online & print) to cover your movie on a wide horizon.

Please contact us today to get more information on one of our film marketing packages. We are one of the most preferred movie marketing firms with representatives in USA (Florida), UK (London) & India. Being primarily a movie marketing company we have also delved into online marketing of any website through ethical search engine optimization techniques.
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